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The Russian Quest for Peace and Democracy, by Metta Spencer, published by Lexington Books


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  • For recent views on disarmament from the perspective of Russian, European, and Western experts, see the website and audiovisual archive of November 2009’s Zero Nuclear Weapons conference in Toronto:
  • For the complete Peace Magazine archives 1983-present, including edited transcripts of interviews with some of the people quoted in The Russian Quest for Peace and Democracy, see A selected list of articles and interviews appears further down this page.
  • Metta Spencer’s blog is at, her personal website is at, and a site dedicated to her previous book (dealing with the causal effects of vicarious emotions—e.g. via television— on health and social behavior) is at

Peace Magazine articles

Below are links to many interviews and profiles from Peace Magazine, mostly listed by interviewee name (or by a thematic title, where this is more relevant). All of these have at least some relevance to the issues discussed in this book — disarmament, democracy, and nonviolence. Some are edited versions of transcripts which also appear on this site’s informants page. The interviewer/author is Metta Spencer unless otherwise noted.

Disarmament Campaigns

Disarmament Campaigns was a bimonthly news service which appeared as an insert in, or section of, various democracy and peace publications including Peace Magazine. It was published out of The Hague and edited by Shelley Anderson.

Twenty-four editions which appeared in Peace between 1986 and 1991 are available online as part of our magazine’s text database. NB: Most issues were scanned from paper originals and hence are not error-free!

Editions are listed here by date and by one selected article or theme (issues covered between 1-4 magazine pages, with a mix of short and longer articles).

John Feffer’s interviews

John Feffer writes (on his site at “In 2012-13, as part of an Open Society Foundation fellowship, I am re-interviewing many of the people I talked to in 1990 when I travelled for seven months through East-Central Europe. Twenty-three years later, I am also interviewing a wide range of additional people in order to get as broad a picture as possible of what has changed (and not changed) in the region since the transformations of 1989.”

Transcripts of these interviews can be found at

The Russian Quest for Peace and Democracy, by Metta Spencer, published by Lexington Books