Matthew Evangelista, 1994

Notes on conversation w Matthew Evangelista March 24, 1994
He is on faculty at U. Michigan political science, Ann Arbor
But is on leave until september in Massachusetts.
Later note: In 2002 he published Unarmed Forces, excellent book covering that early phase.

Writing a book on the Western and Soviet supporters of arms control since the 1950s — on three issues: ABM; conventional; and nuclear testing.

He will send me a paper (1990) on how ideas about common security developed from West: “Transnational actors and military pressure”. Trying to find the discussion in the Soviet press. Civilian influence there.

Arbatov refers to importance of Olof Palme, so does Shevardnadze.

He has done work in the Soviet archives but there is not as much there as one might hope.

He has worked on the test ban issue — Pugwash’s role. Presented the paper at a conference in Moscow a year ago.

Says that there was a change in about 1989 in Soviet policy when the monopoly of the CPSU ended. What effect did that change have on policy? In the old days up to 1989, those actors (civilians etc) had difficulty gaiing access to the top leaders, but if they did so and their ideas caught on, they would be implemented. After 1989, Gorbachev lost control and there were other pressures, so it was harder for civilians to have such an influence.

Publishing this (or has submitted it to) International ORganizations.

He suggests that I try to interview Sagdeev and Velikhov. Sagdeev is at U of Maryland, and Velikhov visits there sometimes. Sagdeev is married to Eisenhower granddaughter, lives in the Washington area.

Says we have been scooped in part by Immanuel Adler, in International Organizations, Winter of 1992. Special issue on epistemic communities (which means networks).

Deals with the group around Paul Doty at Harvard, an offshoot of Pugwash.

He will send me some material, and I will send him a list of my interviews.

Says I might benefit from contact with David Wright at Union of Concerned Scientists, who with a woman, Elizabeth somebody, was responsible for organizing the opposition to Star Wars. His e mail is

The Russian Quest for Peace and Democracy, by Metta Spencer, published by Lexington Books